IMG_4814Renhornen have been going on tours since the 60s, and since 1979 the tours have most often been to Germany. These days we go on tour every second year, hiring a bus and bus drivers who become part of the band for the duration of the tour.

We leave Umeå in May and drive south through Sweden, usually stopping on the way to have a gig or two before taking the ferry to Germany. We stay in Bremen for a few days and end the tour in Lübeck. In many ways Bremen and Lübeck have become secondary homes to Renhornen and we have made a lot of friends there. In Lübeck we often play for disabled people, at a garden party in the old town and also at the Jazz festival in Travemünde. Every tour for the last 40 years we have been playing at the bar Im alten Zolln, which marks the end of the tour.