Renhornen is a big band with a long history. The orchestra was formed over 50 years ago by dental and medical students, but has since then evolved and is still going strong. Today the band consists of about 25 members and our primary aim is to have fun. It is even written in our statutes!

Among the members of the band one can find truck drivers, neurologists and everything in between. The youngest member is still in high school, while the oldest has retired. This mixture of different ages, professions and backgrounds, together with Renhornen’s long history and tradition, has given the band its unique feel and strange humour that shines through in all our concerts.

We play music for the sake of fun, and our repertoar is packed with music from all kinds of genres. Even though our basis is in the big band jazz, we play everything from pop, soul, rock and even the occasional disco tune. Every year we have two large concerts in Aula Nordica: An anniversary concert at the end of November and a spring concert on Walpurgis Night (April 30). Sometimes we have guest artists on our shows. Among the most recent participants are Samuel Ljungbladh and Andreas Weise.

In addition to our two large concerts, we also play at various events, ranging from smaller parties to larger gigs at fairs. Renhornen has even played at the Nobel Prize Ceremony! Few bands are as good as Renhornen at adapting to the audience’s needs as Renhornen is, which helps in making Renhornen one of Umeå’s best bands to dance to.